Address and Store Hours


All our products are prepared in a commercial kitchen on our acreage. All ordering is done through our website and the bread is delivered every Friday to various locations around the Omaha Metro area.   

We offer artisan breads, pastries, cookies, and other treats baked in a hand-built wood fired oven.  Most of our breads are 100% naturally-leavened and given a long fermentation prior to baking.   Our naturally leavened breads have a shelf life of about five days which means that they can be shipped and then frozen to enjoy anywhere in the United States.  

Many people have an interest in seeing our brick oven.  We welcome your visit and ask that you call before you come.

David Bryan – Owner & Baker - received his training through the Culinary Arts program at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha, Nebraska. Prior to his enrollment at MCC, his culinary hobbies turned the heads of anyone fortunate enough to enjoy a taste. As a student, he earned the attention of professors and students alike for his superior attention to detail and excellent palate. He won first place in the dessert category of the school’s Iron Chef competition, received various scholarships, and ultimately a grant via Metro’s Blue Sky Fund for entrepreneurial scholars. He is now focused on developing his own signature bakery – Stick & Stone Brick Oven Bakery – an artisan establishment that markets to the community and various farmers markets around the Omaha Metro.

Sarah Bryan – Baker's Sidekick - is David's best bud, wife, cheerleader, and mother of three awesome children and is instrumental in the webdesign, marketing, and is the all-around go-to person for the bakery's logistics. As a professional photographer, she is also responsible for the photos posted on this site and in use for bakery advertising.